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X-X-L Frozen Feeders Falcon Reptile Food

Buy our GA GIANT Feeders now.

Our Frozen feeders are great for hobbyist and breeders looking for a nutritious alternative for snake food,reptile food,lizard food

hawk food, raptor food,falcon food, cat food, dog food, and pet food.

Reaching 16 oz at maturity makes our frozen feeders perfect for multiple nutritious meals.

Our GA GIANT quail are fed an all natural diet of cracked corn and roasted soybeans. Vitamin, mineral, probiotic, plus extra calcium

and phosphorus are added for healt and maintenance.

Our flock is kept off the ground on wire. Noantibiotics because thing are healthy and sanitary.

Buy our Frozen Bird Now

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Our products are all natural. We can drop ship or ship direct year round. We ship UPS,Mon-Wed and USPS daily.

Give us a call 478-252-5345, 478-377-3108 or email if you have any questions.

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